About Sushiami

Creating a world of whimsy and adventure for the young at heart, Sushi Style designer Mimi Tin launches Sushiami, a new line of child-sized “pouf” ottomans, dolls and accessories. Sushiami’s signature “pouf”, an oversized floor pillow that resembles a piece of sushi, gives children the opportunity to lounge in style while they let their imaginations run wild with stories of adventure inspired by the line’s two plush Asian dolls.

Acting as Sushiami’s mascots, the Brooke and Sydney dolls, inspired by Mimi’s twin nieces of the same names, are easily loveable and add even more excitement to the playful collection. Brooke and Sydney each come with their own personal story of adventure, setting the stage for all who own the dolls to create their own. The characters, who live in a colorful Japanese tea house in the fictional city of Lilypilly, share their stories of travel, fashion and friendship online eager to engage their fans in a fun and unique way.

“When I created the Sushiami collection, I wanted to inspire kids to use their imaginations and think outside-the-box,” says Mimi. “Our ‘poufs’ prove that anything is possible, that furniture can look like sushi ...and the dolls, I hope, will inspire kids to try new things and explore new worlds.”

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